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City of Chino

Community Garden

Chino, California

The City of Chino is an ethnically and culturally diverse city with a rich agricultural tradition. The ASLA Award winning Community Garden is a “go-to” destination that provides not only leasable garden plots but a sustainable, well-appointed space for community education and gatherings. The ±.85 acre offered unique opportunities and benefits due to its size, location, and the City’s renewed commitment to the urban gardeners. There is ample southern sun exposure and a wide-open field that provided maximum natural light for year-round growing.

With spaces dedicated to providing educational events and presentations with two solid roof shade structures- the Garden portion of the park includes thirteen 4' x 10' raised, ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible garden beds with dedicated hose bibs and 26 at grade garden beds. Decomposed granite serves as the walkways around the gardening plots which are bordered with recycled plastic lumber and available for lease from the City. Perimeter plantings include fruit trees, vines, and other edible ornamentals.

Additionally, the site includes a ±.4-acre pocket park for passive recreational opportunities and broad community appeal. Drought tolerant landscaping offers a realworld demonstration to the community of how native and climate appropriate plants can create a beautiful, water wise landscape.

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