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Inland Empire Health Plan Campus

IEHP Campus

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Covering approximately 51 acres, the site has two large office buildings with landscaped parking areas and a central landscaped core sitting between the buildings. Client desired to create a unified campus that emphasizes the ideas of health, well-being, personal and social communication, and the ability to disconnect from the traditional office environment. ADG prepared the conceptual design and construction documents for the renovation of the central 5.5acre core space to create a dynamic, sinuous landscape.

The paving areas were designed to flow into and around each other, weaving within them a stream water feature, a covered picnic shelter/group meeting area and many smaller intimate spaces where IEHP employees can gather to meet, enjoy a casual lunch or simply escape from the office. The new planting enhances this effect by departing from the open grass areas that were onsite, utilizing a drought tolerant shrub and groundcover palette giving more depth and texture while at the same time being sensitive to the unique water requirements of the Southern California Region.

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