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City Of Rialto

Pacific Electric Trail

Rialto, California

The approximate 1.3 mile leg of trail is at the Eastern most spur of the larger 22 mile regional Pacific Electric Trail which stretches from the border of Los Angeles County at Claremont to the terminus in Rialto, California. The trail provides active recreation and non-motorized commuter access while providing a venue to highlight the City’s cultural and historical touchstones along the trail.

Traversing west to east the interpretive panels expand on historic and cultural topics including the City’s motto and namesake “Bridge to Progress,” “Viticulture and the Muscat Grape,” “The Era of Citrus and Fruit Colonies,” and the Red Line Railroad themed “Strike the Blow, July 11, 1914” Other interpretive elements include decorative etched concrete and complimentary planting at the trail head crossings. Native, and drought tolerant planting is featured along the two-lane concrete trail along with decomposed granite parkways and decorative boulder and stone accents.

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